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These DIY are kits that enable the students to build the models and understand the activities on their own beyond the classrooms as well.


If children learn science in playful manner at early age, their affinity towards science will remain throughout their life. Science is based on reasoning. Playing with science based kits will develop their reasoning ability.


Science kits and do-it-yourself kits provide necessary intellectual challenge to growing brains and sense of achievement. They are exactly opposite to press button and see fun type kits, which convert children into spectator



  • Produce science based kits, project making kits, experimentation kits and science models and make them available to children and schools at affordable price.
  • Organize science kits festivals in schools and cities to make people aware of this concept.
  • Develop informative models and exhibits on particular topics like astronomy, total solar eclipse and organize their exhibitions.
  • Organize workshops, exhibitions of these products at corporate level, government establishments etc.
  • With help of media and their student forums, introduce these kits to mass audience.

Where do our kits fit?

  • As Lab Equipment in the schools.
  • As prizes given by various clubs like rotary, institutions.
  • In school labs instead of costly lab equipment like sound lab, easy optics and other kits.
  • As a Science Activity kit in Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
  • Useful learning and teaching aid for students and teachers.
  • Suitable for science projects for middle and high school students.
  • Children who love to do experiments and interested in developing their lab at home
  • Corporate donate Kits to schools or students as Corporate Social Responsibility

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